A warm welcome to our site whether you are a musician or a valued listener. A Jazz band needs both and we’ve been blessed with the highest quality of players and audiences for many many years.

Rats and followers alike look forward to meeting in the last week of July every year for our annual tour of The Norfolk Broads. Many of our friends book their holiday to coincide.

Unfortunately, this year will be our final tour but last year was as well and so will be next year.


The 58th Water Rats Tour will take place from  Saturday 20th July, departing in the “Westminster Bridge” from Bridge Craft Acle. Itinerary available here!

A reminder to all travelling on the broads to check out the Broads Authority Safety Essentials on Youtube.

Mark at the boatyard is a nice chap. He has boats at good prices T.01493750378, Mark or Stephanie.

There’ll be a real Rat rave up lunchtimes with all the sitters in followed by a designated band for the evenings. The evening session band need to be less crowded so those on the Rat Boat suffering damp bunks and indifferent food along with too much whisky can at least get a decent blow. Then I am sure Bill will entertain you until the wee hours!

If you’ve picked the short straw, we’ll be infesting your establishment in July.
Please download a poster right here to warn your regulars of the impending intrusion.
Just to remind you, our fee is a full watering can of your finest ale regularly replenished.